Vikings G11 Runners Up Team


Grand Final Week for the Summer season began on Tuesday evening with the first of the Girls games. Our U8 G11 team played their hearts out to come out firing in the first half. By the end of the second half, the Eastern Eagles had fought back, so much so that it was a draw at the end of the game.  After a heart stopping 5 minute overtime Coach Leigh and the girls were left with Runners Up after a score of 18-12.  A great game to watch and the whole team should be so proud.  Great to see all the supporters and committee members who went down to watch and cheer. Well done G11 & Coach Leigh Walles!

Vikings G11 Runners Up Team
U8 G11 Girls Runner's Up - Summer 2021-22

The only other girls team to make it to the Grand Final for Summer 21-22 was U14 C/CRes team, G03 Coached by Duncan Unstead.  The team was always behind the eight ball as they only had 5 players at the start of the season, three of whom had not played together before.  They started in B grade, but after the first few games when illness affected their playing capacity – they were put down to C/CRes grade.  Duncan however was not deterred and the girls started working well together, along with some underage players who came in to fill in so they girls had a substitute for the warmer months. In the end they had a great season, finishing top in the regular season and finalised it with an excellent win in the Grand Final on Wednesday Night.  The SEBC Saints tried very hard but they were no match and our girls came away with the Premiers Flag with a score of 55-35.  Again it was so great to see all the committee and the supporters down at the game, it made for a very noisy sideline.  Well done and congratulations to Duncan and G03! 

G03 Girls Grand Final e1649551804917
U14 G03 Girls Premiers - Summer 21-22
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