Team Managers and Coaches

Participation by parents is not only encouraged, it is vital to the successful running of each team as well as the club as a whole. Montrose Vikings Basketball Club has a Child Protection Policy in place for the safety and wellbeing of all players in the Club.

Parents manage and transport teams, they coach, they score, they encourage, they share the joys of success and they console after defeat. Parents are as much a part of each team as the kids who play. Montrose Vikings wants parents to be involved, not just because there are jobs to be done, but because it is a great way to build strong relationships with your kids and everyone else involved. And it is just plain fun!

There are three main roles where parents participate with teams:


Every team needs a coach. Coaches usually come from the parents of a team member. Having played basketball and having a intimate knowledge of the game, while helpful, is not essential to coaching and should not discourage you from getting involved. There are regular coaching clinics conducted by the Association to assist in the "nuts and bolts" of coaching. What is most important is that coaches remember that junior level basketball is all about development, encouragement and having fun, not all about winning. Coaches over the age of 18 are required to have completed a "Working with Children" application before they can take on a coaching role.

For Junior and Miniball teams, the club is encouraging senior players to take on coaching roles. This added responsibility helps to build leadership skills within the senior players as well as helping them to understand the game. The Junior players also respond well to coaching from the older boys and girls in the club.

Beginning Coaching Booklet
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Bylaws Requirement:  Member Protection Declaration & Coaches Conduct Form
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Team Manager

The Team Manager is the team "glue" and makes sure everything happens on the day. This involves paying the court fees before the game, collecting game fees from each player and ensuring that there is a scorer (usually the Team Manager will issue a scoring roster to parents at the start of each season). Team Managers over the age of 18 are required to have completed a "Working with Children" application before they can take on a team managers role.

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Bylaws Requirement:   Member Protection Declaration
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Both teams are required to provide scorers for every match. One scorer operates the computer scoring system (or marks up the score sheet) and the other operates the scoreboard. Sometimes they swap at half time, sometimes not. Usually, the Team Manager will issue a scoring roster for a parent of each player to score during the season. Mostly, this works out at a couple of times a season. We all like to sit, watch and socialise at each game but it is important that you do your share in the scoring roster. Like many things scoring is easy, once someone shows you how! If you have not scored before, or are not confident, tell the Team Manager who will arrange for a more experienced scorer to sit with you. It is actually quite straight forward and usually you will have a grip on it within a couple of games.

View the PlayHQ Scoring guide for Scorers (Computer)
Download the How to Score instructions for the paper-based score sheet (may be used during Grading games)