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Frequently Asked Questions

The SUMMER 2022-23 season start dates are as follows:
Tuesday games: 4th October 2022
Wednesday games: 5th October 2022
Saturday games: 8th October 2022

Registration for Junior Domestic (Miniball to U18). 

$0 – Coaches & Team Managers
$20 – Miniball (5 or 6 year olds)
$50 – 7 year olds
$75 – 8 to 18 year olds (10% discount for multiple family members playing)

PLEASE NOTE: Ages are calculated on cut-off date of 30 June 2023.

YES. The first three games of each season are considered grading games. At the end of these three games, your team may or may not stay in the same grade.  Please note, you may be asked to help the club with grading by observing games.

Yes. There will be one Semi Final followed by a Grand Final.  The top 4 teams compete, with the winning two teams of the Semi-Final will compete in the Grand Final.

PlayHQ is a system that is purpose built for basketball, by basketball. This system will be implemented across ALL Basketball Victoria sanctioned competitions, including all KMDBA competitions. This means if you play junior, senior, rep or after school basketball, you only have to register once and it is valid for 12 months. PlayHQ will also be used as the scoring system at games. If a player is not registered on PlayHQ, they won’t be allowed to play. For more information, please see

Yes. The fees you pay to Montrose Vikings go towards paying for training venues, walkover/forfeit fees, Presentation Night and awards. To register with Montrose Vikings, please go to

Yes. Montrose Vikings offers a 10% discount for multiple children registered in the same family. If a new player is under 7 and will be playing in the Miniball team, their first season fees will be waived.

Uniforms are sold through the shop at Kilsyth Stadium in Liverpool Road. The shop is called The Locker Room –

Please note if you purchase a second-hand uniform it must be the reversible singlet type.

Games for U07 miniball are 2 x 16 minute halves. For U08 up, it is 2 x 20 minute halves. Both have a break of two minutes.

You can send any questions or feedback to the Committee by email

If your child has an injury please provide a doctors certificate to the secretary within 7 days of their return to play so that your child may still be eligible for finals.  KMDBA eligibility criteria is 8 games played per season to qualify for finals games.

PLEASE  NOTE: If the recovery time is expected to be less than 4 weeks please speak to your team manager.  The TM will discuss with the remaining team whether they are happy to cover your child’s teampay amount for the duration.  If the injury is severe enough that the recovery is between 5 weeks and the remaining games of the season, then the Team Manager should remove your child’s name from Team Pay.  In the event of your child returning before the end of the season, you will need to re-join your team on Team Pay. 

If your family is currently experiencing financial hardship and you require assistance for  your child/ren to play, please contact our Wellbeing Officer for a confidential discussion.

play hq questions


PlayHQ is an online system purpose built for basketball, by basketball. This system will be implemented across ALL Basketball Victoria sanctioned competitions, including all KMDBA competitions. For more information, please see

Each season you will be provided with a unique URL (web address) where you can register your players with Montrose Vikings. If you haven’t already created an account on PlayHQ, you will need to do this first, then use this link to register your players, coach or team manager for the season:

A Youtube video has been created showing how to use the scoresheet. See

You will first need to contact Montrose Vikings via requesting a refund. This will then be escalated by Vikings to KMDBA who will then escalate it to Basketball Victoria. For any refund, please provide the following information:

– The player needs to have played fewer than 3 games

– A valid reason needs to be provided. Basketball Victoria requires confirmation in writing that the association and/or club has refunded any fees that were paid to them before considering the request for refund of the PlayHQ licence fee

– Bank details provided for an approved refund to be processed (Player Name, Account Number & BSB)