MVP and ERIC Awards

To help stimulate the club and motivate our players, the club has two awards for each team. These awards are in the form of a Medallion or Trophy.

“Most Valuable Player” (MVP) is essentially the Best & Fairest for the team as determined by parents, guardians or other spectators during a game. The responses are collated at the end of each season.

“The Eric Award” is for the player who best represents Montrose Vikings – this is intended for the player who always demonstrates good sportsmanship, always listens to the coach, and is reliable in attendance at training and games, as well as a consistent team player who assists other players rather than seeking glory on their own.

The Coach and Team Manager must discuss all players in consideration of these awards and be able to justify their selection to all parents involved with the team.

It is our intention that The Eric Award will be the most highly prized to encourage the right attitudes and behaviour across all players in all teams. For those who are wondering where Eric came from, it is the name of our Vikings Logo. His name is “Eric the Viking” out of a children’s book when the club was originally formed. Please check out our club history on the website.

Remember: the Eric Award is for the player who is the best representative of the Montrose Vikings. The Eric Award represents the following:

E Enthusiastic about the game and puts in effort to improve.
R Reliable in attending training and games throughout the season and respectful to referees, other players, the coach and supporters.
I Integral part of the team and takes instruction from the coach.
C Courageous in the way they play the game and consistent in their performance.

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