COVID-19 Guidelines

For the latest COVID-19 Guidelines for Clubs under the Kilsyth & Mountain District Basketball Association (KMDBA), please see


Coaches/Team Managers

  • Contact the Committee as soon as possible.
  • Contact the rest of your team to see if anyone else affected and count how many to see if you can field a team for games.
  • Advise the Committee if you are or not able to field a team for the next game and the length of isolation (e.g. 14 days).
  • If you only have one or two players who are isolating and you have 5 or more players, you can still play. Ask a lower-age team manager if they have any players that can fill-in, e.g. if your team is U12, you can ask the U10 team manager for a fill-in. (Note: an A-grade player cannot play in a C-grade team, regardless of age).
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