- WINTER 2022 -

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Please ensure you check the game each week for last minute changes.  
Please also note that the first six games of the season are grading games, and changes
to your teams grade may occur prior to Week 7.

It’s also important you have the team and player’s correct singlet numbers ready prior to entering votes – it makes it much easier for the committe to collate the votes for Presentation Day!

Choose your team BELOW to view fixtures, results & player details
OR When you are ready to enter MVP Votes, complete the below form. DON'T FORGET TO SUBMIT!

Things to note:

NOTE: Under 7 Miniballers & Under 8 Teams are not eligible for MVP votes as they are all little champs!

Fill-in Players are also not eligible for MVP votes.

Please see our MVP/Eric Awards page for guidelines to the Montrose Vikings award values.