COVID-19 Return to Play

For the Winter 2021 season, the following guidelines have been adapted by Basketball Victoria & KMDBA from the Victorian State Government guidelines.


General Guidelines for Players and Parents

All Players must bring their own ball, drink bottle and towel to the training session.


Guidelines for Team Managers and/or Coaches

Before Game/Training Session

  1. Team manager and/or coach to meet players 10 mins before at the entry to the venue.
  2. Ensure that all social distancing regulations are adhered to.
  3. As per Basketball Guidelines, there may only be one parent per player allowed into the game / training venue.
  4. Team manager and/or coach to direct players to go directly to their scheduled court 5 mins prior to game / session.
  5. Players to put all bags on benches, 1.5m apart. No Bags on the floor!
  6. All players and staff to sanitise hands and balls at score benches.
  7. Team manager and/or coach to mark off on team sheet who is present. Information must be retained for the season to allow for contact tracing in case of COVID-19 infection.
  8. Game / training can start.

End of Session

  1. All players and staff to sanitise hands and balls at score benches
  2. Players to pack up gear and line up at exit point.
  3. Team manager and/or coach to wipe down benches and score table with sanitiser product provided.
  4. Team manager and/or coach to escort team out of the venue.
  5. Please make sure no player or spectator on your team congregates at front of the building or car park. They must proceed directly to their car and depart the facility.

For games on Tuesday, Wednesday and Saturday, KMDBA will be providing gloves, paper towels, hand sanitiser and disinfectant on all courts. Dispose of gloves and paper towels into the bins court side.

For training venues at schools, teams will be provided with the same equipment plus plastic bags. Dispose of gloves and paper towels into the plastic bags, tie securely and place in another plastic bag, also securely tied.  Dispose double-bagged plastic bag in your residential bin.


Download COVID Return to Play Information Sheet Download Basketball Victoria Player and Parent Information Sheet

For Coaches

Download four week Return to Training examples


What to do if a player is unwell

Any player feeling unwell or experiencing respiratory problems must consult a health professional immediately and follow their instructions. Team managers and/or coaches should mark the person as unwell on their team sheet and notify the Montrose Vikings Committee.

Further information on how to stay safe


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